2017 Subaru Impreza Reviewed and Driven

The all-new 2017 Impreza is the first vehicle to be built on Subaru’s new global platform. It’s also the first Impreza to be built here in North America. How does it transform this already likable compact? In this exclusive review we take a look at features, test 0-60 performance and a lot more.

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  • Derp Derpson

    Why would someone not buy it? I think you answered that question in the 0-60. With 1 person in the car I cant imagine merging onto a busy highway with a family.

    • Mike No

      Yes the 0 to 60 is slower, but its also getting pretty sweet gas milege for the safest AWD car on the road. I think that more than makes up for a slow 0-60 speed.

      • Derp Derpson

        I think power is a factor in safety for people in cities and people who merge onto busy highways multiple times daily.

      • vision33r

        And most people I see driving Mustangs and Chargers drive like grandpas. I can drive any slow car fast if I wanted to. It’s all about knowing the car’s power band.

  • vision33r

    $26k is WRX price a few years ago well atleast the FA engine won’t blow up on you.

  • Claud Ge

    they updated so many things, outside design, safety, chassis, fuel consumption, but the plastics on the door and all buttons have a terrible feel. “fake carbon fiber. it looks good”. it does not. all the old buttons on my 2008 had such a nice hefty healthy feel….

  • Michael

    It does indeed look great, although we didn’t get many shots of the interior. As to whether it is the best looking Impreza ever, that rather depends. I have liked them all, as different as they were, with the exception of the 2008 – ? model years. Anyway it certainly, with the exception of rather slow acceleration with the automatic (perhaps the 6-spd will correct this), ticks all the ‘tech’ boxes, and as the video points out the driving dynamics are first rate, which is where most drivers spend their time anyway; acceleration is a short lived phenomenon, and frankly a little planning goes a long way to alleviating the need for most bursts of speed. Still if 1/4 mile times are your thing, then the WRX and STI are still to come, and I look forward to Ryan’s report on those. I still enjoy my old 2002 wagon but it might be fun to test drive one of these new beauties.