Extra! Jaguar F-Type AWD, New Porsches, More!

On the episode of Extra!, Eurojax starts to grow his beard out for Movember, Jaguar is ready to unveil its newest F-Type… now with AWD! Also, Porsche gears up for the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.


With SEMA behind us, up next is the LA Auto Show where Jaguar will be dropping a new F-type. What’s new? All-Wheel Drive. Thanks to better traction this new car will sprint from 0-60 in a scant 3.9 seconds. Top speed: an artificially limited 186-miles per hour. Along with the new car, Jaguar is also announcing a new partnership with the Bloodhound Project: the British World Land Speed Record Team that’s looking to break 1000 miles per hour. The current record stands at 763 miles per hour. The new F-Type will be on display at the LA Auto Show on November 19th. We should have our full review of the F-Type Coupe R availablelfor viewing at about the same time.

Porsche will be heading to the LA Auto Show with a whole bunch of new stuff. Starting off with four 911 Carrera GTS trims. These will fill the gap between the milder 911 Carrera S and the insane 911 GT3. Oddly, all of these trims are reportedly packing 430 horsepower. Hmm. Then there’s the the fast family hauler, the Cayenne GTS. This updated model gets 440 hp and has a with updated air suspension and a ride height lowered by 20 millimeters. Finally, there’s the Panamera Turbo S Executive Exclusive Series, of which only 100 units will be made. The Panamera will come with Porche’s newly developed Rear Seat Entertainment System Plus, a 10.1 inch touchscreen with built-in camera and DVD player. The Executive will also come with 570 horsepower, all wheel drive and will be offered at the bargain basement price of $263,900. Or, about the same price as a Bentley Continental GT V8 S. Hmmm.

Also showing up in Los Angeles? We can also look forward to an all new Ford Explorer, Cadillac ATS-V and this Audi A9 Concept. Stoked!

Have you ever wondered what happened to our promise of flying cars in the future? The future. It’s here: AeroMobil has unveiled its new car plane hybrid, called the AeroMobil 3.0. Powered by a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder Rotax 912, the two-seater hybrid will reach its take off speed at 90 mph and have a flying range of 430 miles. A 250 meter runway is required for flight, which comes in at just under 3 football fields.I don’t know about you… but my back yard isn’t nearly big enough.  AeroMobil has been working on this project since the early 90s with 3 iterations of design over the years. A sport pilot license is required… if you actually want to fly the thing. The carplane also has collapsible wings, allowing it to be stored in a garage. No word on price or when the flying hybrid will hit the market. So, while, yes, it is a “flying car,” it’s more of a plane shaped car when you really get down to it.

Finally… are you annoyed about Rally America dropping the ball on its broadcast series? In case you didn’t notice, their NBC Sports coverage kind of fizzled before the year ended. Whatever. We’ve got a series that will fulfull your need for rally speed: the complete 2014 Canadian Rally Championship broadcast series just started rolling out on Driving Sports TV. The first of six episode just hit, featuring Rallye Perce Neige and it’s awesome. Watch it right now on Driving Sports’ web, mobile or Roku channels.