Fuel: Level 1 Playthrough on XBox 360

While we anxiously wait for Codemasters’ next Colin McRae DIRT video game, due out this fall, there’s another interesting title just recently released. It’s called Fuel. Unlike the DIRT series which requires that cars pretty much stay on course, Fuel offers over 5,000 miles (yes, miles) of free-range driving fun.

Set in a post-apocalyptic universe, you get to play a character that races things. Pretty simple. Along the way you earn Fuel credits which can be used to buy faster and more interesting vehicles. Certain races require certain vehicle types, so you can’t really build and tune one choice ride. In fact, there’s no tuning to be seen at all. Fuel is a straight up video game and makes no pretense for realism.

In this video, Ryan Douthit plays through the first three levels of the game on the XBox 360. He then shows a bit of the Free Ride environment, followed by a challenge run. More to come, as we delve deeper into the world of Fuel.

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