Fantasy 2009 Forester: Full STI, Baby!


The 2009 Forester is great for kids. Fill is up with stuff and away you go. But, it’s not exactly an exciting ride. Even the XT turbo version lacks serious “oomph.” The guys over at Pacific Import Auto (PIA) in Tacoma, Wash., found the remedy. Recently, they upgraded their shop 2009 Forester to full STI running gear: 300hp boxer motor, DCCD all-wheel drive system, the works. The result is downright evil… with still room enough for the kids. How cool is that?

Tuning is handled by a Cobb Accessport.


  1. Dave   •  

    Very cool. I like my 07 FXT better, as I want more and you just cant get around the suspension mods and 500whp there. BUT, yours is so OEM. And I mean that in a good way. Its like “stock”, so you have all the STI performance, with factory like ride, handling and power (of an STI). Thats AWESOME to say the least. I need more performance, but there is certainly something to be said for the OEMness of it all in terms of how it drives and reliability.

    As for wiring differences, the 06-08 forester, thats true. But the 04-05 FXT was almost identical, you could drop the STI ECU into it, the cluster, the DCCD worked (as long as you actually did use the STI ecu and DCCD controller), and pretty much everything bolted right up. It was almost dead on an impreza with a boxy shape.

    The 06-08 was different and you were stuck with not being able to just plug the STI ecu in and go.

    Im VERY glad Subaru is going back to more of making their cars interchangeable. It means people will be able to get so much more out of them, with less effort, and cheaper.

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  3. Cdemon1   •  

    So what’s new? The remedy has been found well over 4 years ago when tuners and owners have been doing a full sti treatment to their foresters even way back with the 2004 xt models. Costs would even come close to the $40K-$50K mentioned in the video even if the treatment/swap was done with the SG and newest models today and that is with keeping everything done correctly.

    It would be nice if subaru offered this from the factory though and give buyers the option to get one from the dealership and do the additional enhancements at their liking.

    Nice effort though for the PIA shop. :)

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  6. Bob   •  

    You misspelled “independently” on your shop sign, hoss.

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  8. Ryan Douthit   •     Author

    @Bob According to PIA it was the sign makers fault. They have a new sign coming soon.

  9. Sam   •  

    I. Want. One.

    That is all.

  10. Dominic   •  

    Please sell this car to me! I would honestly buy it off you guys!

  11. STI-NUT   •  

    40 man hours. $40,000-$50,000. I sure hope the 40-50K means including both the Forester and the donor STI cost. These guys don’t really charge over $1000 per hour, do they? Nice Forester otherwise.

  12. Cody   •  

    That seems like a really cool car.

    I want to comment on the video itself. The car is not some crazy machine, but watching the video made it seem like it was gearing towards the hardcore (read: import car show’ish) type of crowd. The car is still a wagon, it still has the ground clearance of an Explorer, and the appeal/style of an SUV. I would want something like this for a snowboarding trip, mountain biking trip, or a family/friend road trip. Why make it look like some “king of the streets” type of video. It’s a sub 300HP car with the weight of a wagon (read: SUV). Witch is probably why you did not see it run at the track or even have an official 0-60 time. It’s not Ken Block flogging it through the woods, it’s the wagon with some kick.

    Still. Japan has the STI Forrester, why can’t the states?

  13. charlie hirst   •  

    love PIA keep up the good work, although i do like the dark red 04 better. good work none the less

  14. Andrew Feeny   •  

    Congradulations to the guys at PIA. They have done awesome work on my 04 WRX, and their Forrester is an amazing sight to see in person.

    Great work guys and once again congrats

  15. Gabe   •  

    I’ve been in that forester, i’d say it combines a great daily driver with plenty of room for the kids as they said, and adds that extra “oomph” just because it can be done. The car isn’t really lacking anything at that point. PIA just rocks, they threw in a 07′ radiator when mine blew, and it only took about 30 minutes. My 03 bugeye hasn’t ever run as well as it does now with the new radiator strangely. and with 183,000 miles it just keeps getting better. Props.

  16. thinkaboutit   •  

    Your an idiot….

  17. thinkaboutit   •  

    What are you, taking stupid pills? Of course that price includes the two cars!

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