Rally America Changes Name, Adds Rallycross


Subaru Rally Team cars prepare for battle at X Games 16 (pic: Yujiro Otsuki)

This year saw many changes in the Rally America series. It gained a new factory team, Ken Bock’s Monster World Rally Team which was backed by Ford, and its been working on a new European-style rallycross series set to make its debut this fall in New Jersey.

Today the group behind Rally America made its biggest announcement to date: it’s changing its name to RallyCar and making official plans for a 2011 European Rallycross series, to be called “RallyCar Rallycross.” Wait… wha?

For the new event, Subaru Rally Team drivers Travis Pastrana and Dave Mirra have committed to the new series, as well as privateer Andrew “ACP” Comrie-Picard and drift stars Tanner Foust and Samuel Hübinette. Notably absent from the press announcement was Ken Block’s name.

Rallycross will be very similar to the SuperRally event set to make it’s X Games Debut on Saturday, July 31. Side-by-side rallycar action on a tight and technical course, packaged in a fan-friendly stadium setting. The series will support two classes of competition: all-wheel drive  and two-wheel drive, both classes are allowed generous modifications so cars will be putting out very large horsepower numbers, regardless of drivetrain.

The first RallyCar Rallycross event is scheduled for August 27-28 at the New Jersey Motorsport Park. Sponsors include Subaru of America, BFGoodrich Tires, Team O’Neil Rally School, Able Planet, Hawk Performance Brakes, Rally-Tire.com, RacerWatches.com, Exedy Racing Clutches, Recaro, Mazda and the Danza del Sol Winery.

So, what about the traditional stage rally series? That is expected to be similar to the 2010 6-event schedule, but it will now be called the Rally America series, which is run by the RallyCar organization. Get it?

What do you think about these changes rally fans? Post your comments below.


  1. Salvy102   •  



  2. Jim DePaul   •  

    I guess time will tell. My first impression is that the old name connected to “America”. The new name sounds too generic. If the big names can run a few rallycross events where they can fly in, compete and be seen for a few hours, then fly home will they still want to compete in the forest rallies? What about the “little” guy, the locals who run the forest rallies for the fun of it? A rallycross series with unlimited horsepower and full contact racing sounds really expensive and will drive the little guy to the grand stands.

  3. Tom H   •  

    I am afraid that RallyAmerica just took the world famous drivers that got them where they are now and stuck them into SMASHCAR races where the fans only come for the carnage! Very sad to see. Anyone remember when CART tried to split up it’s 1 and only world famous race and all of the talented open wheel drivers in the US? I think the teams with the deepest pockets are the only ones that will compete in these smash ‘em up races and all the grass roots guys will still be out there rallying!

  4. Yo Mike   •  

    Should be interesting… I am willing to give it a chance. We’ll see…

  5. fast5thgen   •  

    I don’t like it, Rally America was good, Rally Car sounds alot like *cough* nascar *boo*. I think they should have left it alone and kept working on growing it and working towards getting good rallying on our tvs instead of what we are gonna end up with which is high end bumper cars. PS we already have that, its called stadium trucks.

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