2012 Global Rallycross Final


The final round of the Global Rallycross Championship took place on October 30, during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Ken Block, Tanner Foust, Pat Moro, Brian Deegan and others competed for the prize. Some crashed, others caught fire. Watch it for the first time in glorious slow-motion.


  1. tehscoobaru@yahoo.com   •  

    What is this? The music selection and timing makes this boring. It reminds me of a music stand in Kmart where you push the buttons to select different regions of the world. This sounds like wild rivers west?

  2. rob   •  

    cool video, I really enjoyed it. especially the music, a nice departure from dubstep.

  3. los   •  


  4. Butthole Surfer   •  

    lol, wild river west. it was a great vid but I would like to watch some of it at full speed with sound. on to search for that. it must be somewhere.

  5. mistycargo   •  


  6. Andrew Castro   •  

    Never thought I would fall asleep watching rallycross? Lose the crappy music!

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