2014 Subaru Forester Preview


Recently, we flew down to Arizona to test the all-new 2014 Subaru Forester. Our driving impressions are still under embargo, so you’ll have to wait a bit for the full review. For now, here’s a preview featuring our exclusive interview with the project lead on the new Forester, Takuji Dai.

Our focus in this preview is the 2.0XT model, which comes with a twin-scroll turbo, SI-Drive and other performance enhancements. As tested, the 2014 Subaru Forester 2.0XT model starts at $32,995. The 2.5i base model starts at $21,995.

2.0XT Specifications:
250-hp @ 5,600 rpm
258 ft-lbs @ 2,000-4,800 rpm
DOHC, AVCS, DI, ETC, Intercooler, Turbo
High-Torque CVT Transmission (emulates 8-speed stepped automatic in S# mode)
23mpg city, 28mpg freeway (EPA est)


  1. tehscoobaru@yahoo.com   •  

    Why are you putting captions for his English? That is pretty rude of you, Ryan.

  2. Ryan Douthit   •     Author

    There is no disrespect in captioning a foreign accent – even slight ones. Its common practice for broadcast use and is a service to viewers, especially when discussing technical topics.

  3. Tewkes   •  

    Thanks for the captions, I couldn’t understand most of what he said.

  4. Russ Wheeler   •  

    Looks very good. I turned the volume off “you know”

  5. punit issar   •  

    Captions are for Americans dear :P

  6. alan   •  

    I found the captions helpful. I’ve even seen captions used for people with thick English or Scottish accents. Don’t see how it’s rude. And the video was enjoyable.

  7. Hoby   •  

    i want the xti, here now

  8. Guy   •  

    I’m looking forward to see how people modify the Forester and how aftermarket companies embrace it. I’m sure we’ll see some really quick, good looking Foresters out there.

  9. Alyson   •  

    I found the captions helpful too. It is interesting that the project lead on the new Forester give an interview.

  10. Doug   •  

    Why has everyone got sidetracked about the captions (which I use anyway in almost everything I watch, just to make sure I don’t miss something since my ears aren’t so good) and not talking about the car? Personally I think it looks like a nice automobile, especially for the price, and am looking forward to a more in-depth review of it sometime.

  11. Big C   •  

    CVT sounds like a major limitation – even if the new turbo/motor setup has lot of room to make power I bet that CVT gets eaten up. If Subaru would just put a non-DCCD 6MT in all of their non STI cars they would have the most bulletproof line of enthusiast cars available…

  12. dustin   •  

    The is worthless with the cvt. Lesbians come running.

  13. neg_matnik   •  

    Remember that most people in the U.S. won’t buy a Forester with a manual transmission. It’s the sad state of things right now. People who really want a manual transmission (i.e. enthusiasts like you and me) in the Forester are a *small* minority. We’re not really contributing much to Subaru’s bottom line. Subaru needs to sale a bunch of Forester with CVTs so we can enjoy our WRX/STI/BRZ.
    Besides, it seems like the same CVT is able to sustain close to 300 crank HP in the JDM Legacy 2.0GT DIT. So, going from 250HP to 300CHP is not bad at all (20% CHP gain).
    People that are *really serious* (not your average Internet forums jokey) about making more power will swap the CVT out and replace it with a good ol’ 5M/T or an STI 6M/T.

  14. azerin   •  

    What is the embargo date? I’m looking forward to your full driving impressions and details.

  15. Ryan Douthit   •     Author

    Embargo ended today, so I just posted my hot lap in the car – where I prattle out some initial impressions. The full stem-to-stern review will be in Season 2 of the TV series which starts in February.

  16. Boca Limo   •  

    Subaru continues to impress me year after year. I think I’m going to get the Forester 2.5i this year.

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