Foust, Speed Jump to Volkswagen for Global Rallycross


It was announced today that the former GRC Champion (2011, 2012) Tanner Foust, and rising star Scott Speed, have made the move from Ford Racing to Andretti Racing for the 2014 Red Bull Global Rallycross Season.

Along with the switch, both drivers are also changing car brands. Instead of the mean little Ford Fiestas prepared by Olsbergs, Foust and Speed will be running Volkswagen Beetles prepared by Andretti. No, that’s not a typo, the team will be running a set of 560-horsepower Beetles. With the Beetle still in development, however, Foust and  Speed will start the year out in a pair of modified VW Polos, making the switch to their official Beetles later in the year.


“Red Bull Global Rallycross is the perfect form of motor sports for a youthful, exuberant, and growing brand in the U.S. market,” said Michael Horn, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America. “We’re excited to partner with Andretti Autosport, one of the great names in American motor sports, and delighted that we will be running the iconic Beetle in the series.”


It will be interesting to see if fielding a competitive team in the Red Bull Rallycross series will bring race credibility to the car that was formerly positioned as “the cute Volkswagen.” One thing is for certain, putting Speed and Foust behind the wheels certainly shows they’re not messing around.



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  1. Julie Quinn   •  

    Awesome another Andretti winning team.

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